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Fiona and Shrek Wedding Prep 2 It is especially important that we do not disturb members of the club game In the process of making our arrests. Particularly, any members who may hold government offices. Diplomacy, gentlemen. Understood? Understood, sir! Sir, your membership card, please. Thank you. That’s fine. Tada! Ooh, good feel. Nice joint. Ah. What can I do for you? Those aren’t membership cards. Quit the clowning. We’re here about your friend, chan ho. Just a second. Oh, I see. Is there a problem? All our guests have to be members. I’m not familiar with this man Mr. ho, sir. Now, there’s just one thing about our members. They like their privacy. You understand. And so, excuse me. Let me show you out. Suppose we’re not ready yet. Wait. Come on, now. I’ll tell you what. I can speak to my boss about it. Hey, you. Hold it! What are you doing? This bozo was on his way to tip off chan. I hope they don’t make me pay game Hey! For all the glasses that I broke. And you too. Do you know who owns this place? Why don’t you tell us. Hey, I suggest you bring him out here. Yeah. He’s resting now. You guys have your look. It’s the manager’s office. There’s no one inside. Hey, stop! Come back here! Quick, run for it! So, chan, you’re here after all. Come out from behind the table, both hands showing. It’s him! You’re under arrest, chan ho game For seconddegree murder. Let me out of here, then. Your warrant. He’s under arrest! I want that man put in custody! Get him! Just a minute! You two will have to compensate us for this fiasco! Do you understand? No, I don’t understand! Just you listen! I’ll have all your jobs! Get in the back room. We can’t have this. Look at this mess! Enough of this fighting! You, there! Stop fighting! Reporting. Show me your search warrant. Warrant? Sergeant! Our assignment was to arrest the murderer, chan. Explain! Chan escaped. How dare you! This is simply unacceptable behavior. Captain, remove him and the rest of them. Sergeant Maillong, I thought you’d know better. For the last time, learn to follow orders! Uncle game Wait, Tze.