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Fishing Tİme Where were you? Where the game were you? Where were you? Where the hell were you? I game I’m sorry. I’m so sorry! I’m sorry! I did so many bad things! I’m sorry! I tried to do game I tried to do the right thing, but I’m weak. I’m too game ing weak! I need you to help me. Help me! I need you to help me. Forgive me. Forgive me, please. Forgive me, Father. Quite a matchup here. Ramon Martinez against Howard Johnson, the power pitcher and the fastball hitter. Vince Coleman is leading off third base. Bobby Bonilla off first. HoJo has not had much success against Martinez. I stole it from my husband’s shop so’s I could return it to where it ought to be. It’s a holy thing. A holy thing. Which way is it? The boys right across the street there. Julio and Paulo. It’s a holy thing. A holy thing. Martinez challenged HoJo with his best, his fastball, and HoJo set game Me, like everybody else, had high hopes for the Dodger club. There’s a great deal of talent here, but they just can’t seem to keep it together. Freeze. Go ahead and keep your hands in front of you. Keep your hands out in front of you. Get out of here. Way back, it may go. Gone! A home run for Mike Scioscia. You, get out. Well, Scioscia seemed to wait on the pitch, drove it the other way. Good piece of hitting by the Dodger veteran. And the remaining Dodger fans, well, they finally have something to cheer about. The Dodgers must’ve been wondering if they could do anything right today. Put them on. Lock it. What’s your name? Julio. What’s your name? Paulo. David Cone is on, in relief, for the New York Mets. Upside and high, ball one. Sid Fernandez and Pete Schourek are both getting ready in the bullpen. Cone knows, with this big lead, he has to throw strikes. Here’s a pitch on the way, breaking ball over called strike. Jose appeared to be taking game Put your hands up there where I can see them. He had a bunt hit in the opening game of the series. And the pitch is thrown outside and high. Ball two. Jose seemed to be swinging away, but wisely he laid off.