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Fishy Hip Hop 2 Do I love that kind of woman? Don’t be kidding! I don’t want to see you ever, either Go away! That evil woman could’ve told me today might rain Sorry Even without a definite answer, I can understand Although that man’s suffers, but I’ve forgot him The funny guy in front of me game .l Let me do the talk I’ll get back to be a friend, just that. I’m sorrylAlright I’m the one who’s wrong, because it’s me who decided to do it This is my gift for you. It’s my love story for Kim Hyun Woo But game Who’s the third? Third one’s.. Is so similar to me. A strange friend, Joon Soo Joon Soo? Joon Soo.. We must not meet each other anymore Not anymore now. For years; When it’s raining, snowing, or even at storm Oppa He’s always behind me, protecting me. Watched over me Joon Soo, now he’s not here anymore For you and noona, from now on there’s pig feet in our menu We’ve decided to be married. We’ve back together these pig feet game I really hate these Before, it was for Hyun Woo that I ate these with her If you’re like this, I’d tell her Don’t talk of her in front of me anymore, I don’t want to see her again Wind speed of km/h moves from northeast to southwest area Moving on to western area and it’s predicted there’ll be heavy rain Everyone, please be careful and be prepared aku Eun Soo. Today’s news so interesting It really is Right. She’s that kind of person Teacher, you and unnie are alright? Don’t want to see me anymore How can she say that to me? Now’s not the time to complain Have you seen this, teacher? Major problem It’s terrible! She covers her face, but it’s clearly Hyun Woo With someone’s husbandlWhat a scandal She’s innocent Let me take responsibility Have you seen the news? It must be stopped! The love triangle is exposed. The news has spread all over the place It’s a fact, already too hard to cover it That’s right, it’s a fact. It’s unavoidable. She’s over this time Like a whore, really shamefull What now?lIs there a time to talk about it? I can’t work with such dirty slut like you. You stole my position and do this..