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racing, Wendell? You’re just black bait. They’re going to try to kill you. Quiet down. Mary don’t know. It’s dangerous out there. I know it is. Don’t game You got paint all over the floor. It’s all right. We can clean it up. You mean I’m going to clean it up. It doesn’t matter, does it? Here. . Hmm game Well, you know, Hauling liquor’s one thing, Racing cars is another. That’s right. I’ve got to see this. Look, they got a nigger racing. Thank you, Cotton. Look at them. Just look at them. Ain’t it exciting? Huh? Yes, sir. Money in the bank. Yes, sir. them good ol’ boys, they chew you up and they spit you like tobacco hmm them good ol’ boys Boys, look over yonder. That’s supposed to be The fastest nigger in Danville. He’d better be damn fast If he’s going to outrace me. It ain’t going to be no race, It’s going to be a slaughter. Hang yourself with that, boy. Hey, get a ticket out of here. There’s a $ bounty on who runs this nigger Into the ground. Hutch, I need some money. I don’t have any. How will I feed these kids? You had money last night. Get my toolbox. I’ve got five minutes to get ready. Ok, hutch is here. Almost missed the fun, greaseball. What the hell does this mean? It’s just a black spot. Ha ha! Whoa! See that nigger right over yonder? Run him in the ground. As far as I’m concerned, You’re all niggers. Hey! Hey! I was just wondering, uh game Is that a picture of you? Is that your face? Oh, I’m sorry, I’ve got it upside-down. I just thought it was a good likeness Of your face, right in through game No? Then you might like it as a souvenir. Thank you. Hey, George, look at that nigger. He ain’t going to make it four laps. They’ll put him in the trees. See Beau Welles down there? He’ll take care of that nigger. You’d better get that car ready. You’re holding this race up. Boy, when they wave the green flag, You take off. It’s laps. One time around is a lap. One time around, that’s a lap. Anything goes wrong with your car, You pull it into the pits. Pull into the pits if something wrong. That’s the pits, right, captain?