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Flight Adventure God, I am sorry. It’s a lie this stuff about an accident. I don’t believe it. Well, it’s what they claim. How does a kid have an accident that gets him shot with a machine gun? I don’t know. These people are grownups, not like my son. It’s time they found out there’s no such thing as an accident. The president has waived Posse Comitatus, and we have orders to proceed with the assault as planned. Our assault teams are to move out to the helicopters and stand by. Cut the power to the campus and jam everything radio, TV, microwave. I want an absolute and total blackout. What’s going on? Yesterday your boy Billy Tepper suddenly appeared on our side of the wire. How’d he do that? There’s an old storm drain on the east edge of the campus right there. It’s got bars on it, but the boys always manage to get through. What’s happening? Could you show our explosives expert Game How to get through that drain? Of course. What’s happening? Enrique Cali was just murdered in prison. As soon as Luis Cali finds out about his father’s death, he’ll start killing hostages. He could very well blow up the school. We’ve got no choice. We have to go in. We’re doing everything we can, but I gotta tell you, the casualties could be high unless your boy does what he says he can do. He’ll try. He better. Billy, wake up. I’m awake. That’s the signal. They’re going to attack and they want our help. They’re crazy. What the hell do they think we can do? We’ll get everybody killed. This was your idea. It’s too late to back out now. No, it isn’t. They’re depending on us to do what we said! They’ll stop depending on us when we don’t answer. You asshole! Give me that! Get off me! Maybe it was a mistake to follow your plan, but we did because you wanted us to. Now it’s too late to back out. We can’t back out and neither can you. I’ve been a major up my whole life. I’ll get you all killed. Come on, man. I’m sorry. The cuts on your back. Forget about the cuts. That’s the least of our problems right now. Your plan is just as good now as it was yesterday