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you know”, they’re hearing it, obviously, back home.” I don’t have a feeling on it, because I’m dealing with Games , other guys. So my opinion only matters after we get a general consensus by committee. Well, it’s not anything to work out, it’s just to find out how guys feel. We got to see, you know, if our guys are feeling what’s going on. It’s very important. I mean Games You know, our country is our country. Yes. Vodka and soda. Sodas? Vodka, vodka. Vodka. A couple of hours later, with the game still hanging in the balance, Doug and Charles manage to get access to the hotel’s closely guarded Internet service, and they find the interview online. What would they think now that the dust had settled? It has a different context when you see it, Charles. Yeah, it does. It wasn’t bad. It wasn’t. Other than the Kenneth Bae thing, his emotion at the very beginning and what he said after that was spot-on. It was. ‘Cause it came across. It was good. That he’s feeling hurt about what’s going on. Yeah, right. Yeah, but sitting up there, it didn’t Games man, I wish Vin and them would have came, ’cause they were feeling what we were feeling Games to see it. Thanks, guys. After this, I hope they’re not ostracizing us as much as they were prior to that. Right, right, yeah. It’s a possibility. You know that. Yeah. But that was Games overall, I give it a “B” Yeah, which is Games a “B” I was, like, an “F” “D” minus, “F” “good lord, we’re in trouble.” I was like, “oh, !” It doesn’t look like how it felt sitting here. Oh, okay. It wasn’t that bad? No, they showed the whole entire thing. But the thing with Dennis, we were all sitting there. Yeah. So we got caught up in him. But when you look at the thing and how they pan it and shot it, the only thing he did is go back and forth with Bae. But his other stuff, it was actually very good. Word spreads to the other players. They get together for more discussion, and at the th hour, they finally decide to stay and prepare for match day. The game is on. So structured. Let’s