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You’re crazy. Why did you do that? It’s all green now. I would have brought bears. Tourists love them. Blessed Virgin Mary! Wolves! Wolves. Okay, Come on. We may not be found and will never go to college. So what do we do then? Let’s live like Robinson Crusoe. This is not living. Couldn’t be better! No school, homework or Mr. Latouche. Quietly, don’t panic. It’s a wolf. The main thing do not show fear. How do you know? At the neighbor had a dog that used to bite. I tamed her. How? I gave her food. Do you have any? No. Wolf, go to the corner! I said, in the corner! In the corner! Parents Mom and Dad Hello? This is he. What? Lost in the woods? Everything will be fine. Okay, he’s gone. It’s over. Bravo, Ducobu. You saved us. Your daughter is also lost in the woods? Do not worry, they will find them. Yes Games Of course they will. The last time you knew our location here. Yeah, sort of Games Given that Big Dipper here, north there, and then east. Tomorrow we’ll have to go south. Are you cold? Wait. Thank you. But what about you? I have to get used to it. The boarding school has no heaters. Don’t say that. The year has not ended yet. There’s only two weeks. I won’t reach the required score. Beyond? Toward CroixMaupiou? LacroixMopiu! Send teams to CroixMaupiou. Yes, LacroixMopiu! Look! A wrapper from a candy bar. You pig! Did you litter the woods? It wasn’t me, it was Molas. Here, look! Okay, it was me. This is good news. We are going in the right direction. Come on! Look! The same moss Games We are near the lake. We are there! We are saved! Exactly! Monsieur Latouche! I’ll finish you with my report. Mr. Commissioner, I Games CroixMaupiou? What happened? Ducobu provided us with food, fire and shelter. He saved us from a wolf. He found the lake. He is a real hero! Stop the search. The children have been found. I have never been so glad to see you Ducobu! Emotion. I can not say the same. You let us get us lost. Disappointment. Tension. There were saved by a blond kid dressed up like a bumblebee. Bee? Yes. Yes. Yes, yes, yes. Thank you.