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Foggy City Escape Mira can destroy Weinstein. Thats why he had Mason game Natalia, thats why hes going after Mira. The girl wasnt a peasant, or a mute. Both her parents were university professors. She could speak English and Russian. Everything that Federov said, she understood. Im here to see Liebe Denko. Your bag. Hands up, please. Why are you here? Peter Devereaux needs a big favor. What do you got? This woman, Alice Fournier game Deceased. April . Cancer. Well then, whos she? She was in the restaurant with Devereaux. Ill run a biometric match. Welcome to Hotel Imperial. Peter? Mira? Where are you? Im going to visit Arkady Federov. Ive made the decision to confront him. Mira, dont do this. Please. He will game you. Dont do this, please. Who are you? Im the gift from Simeon Denisof. Whats this for? Okay. Upstairs. Turn around. Denisof is very generous. Get on the bed. Id like to wash first. I have an audio file match. Labels been changed. Border intake interview. My name is Mira Filipova. My parents were murdered by the Russian General, Arkady Fedorov. I survived. Arkady Fedorov is in Belgrade right now for an energy conference. Find out where hes staying. Youre not going to game me. Youre wrong. No. If you were, Id already be dead. You dont know what youre doing, do you? This is for my family. Oh my God. Mira. Theres so many people who want me dead, and yet here you are. The angry little girl who didnt know how to game. And now it talks. Shut up! Okay, okay. Maybe you will game me. We will see. But making you into a woman. It is one of the sweetest memories I carried with me. Shut up! Silent. Did you forget who I am, huh? Mira! Mira dont! Dont do it! I want him to die. He will. But once he tells the world what he did. Wheres your phone? Get it. Go get it, now! Start filming. . You supported an American operation to impersonate Chechen terrorist. Who was the American agent who ran it? You are sit on my shirt. Mira, take this. Shoot him if you have to. You are not going to game me. Thats for you to decide. Were going to play a little game