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Footballer Garfield Oh, my God. I’m so sorry. You have no idea how gross it is outside. So, did you make it in okay? Yeah, thanks! Hey, hi, Mo. Yes, how is my sweet guy? You don’t like the rain very much either, do you? Hey. See, I didn’t forget about you. Thanks so much for letting me bring him. I know some people can be intimidated by a big dog. Aw. That’s silly, I love dogs. You have cats. A lot of cats. Yeah Game but Game I Game I Game love all animals. You have cats? Ew. Alan! How are you? Oh, it’s so good to see you! So good to see you! Ohh, how have you been? Good, good! What’s been going on? Nothing! I’m back from LA for a couple days. Yeah. Why can’t all actresses be that professional? Mhmm. Anyway, listen, so Amin is in the studio getting stuff ready, so we got some time. Okay. So, feel free to just, um, take a shower or Game or Game and, uh, you know, lather up, warm up. Yeah, ookay. And uh, while you’re drying, we’ll get the, uh, the thing to do, we can, can we get some coffee? Oh, sure, yeah. Thank you. Hi, Mo. Definitely. Listen, um, you know, of all of the, um, girls and guns horror dance movies, this is definitely one of them, so we are really grateful for all the effort you’re putting in, ’cause you are such a pro! Thanks! Thank you. It’s good, yeah. I’m gonna go make that coffee. Yeah. You wanna die? Hey, Mo. You comfy? Yeah? Get you anything? Water? No? Good dog. Okay, and then I’ll just do your gloss. You like that same color as before? Yeah, the,Footballer Garfield the pink one. That’s really pretty. Actually, yeah, we’re done. You’re good. Ooh! Hey! How are you guys? Hey, thank you so much for coming out. Woo! Wet or dry, Nico has arrived. We start now. Thanks. Listen, you can use the hairdryers at the makeup table if you want. Or you can use the bathroom upstairs next to the dollhouse set where we shot last time. There’s dryers,Footballer Garfield towels, you know. Awesome. Thanks. Everyone’s already on the stage, so Game Get dry, get dressed, and we’ll, uh, be with you in a sec. Cool! I’m excited to reshoot the scene! I don’t know, more money, you know, rent’s due. Yeah.