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Over there. Must be those fellows in the farmhouse a couple of miles down. Heard them last night, raising hell, drinking it up. Sound carries down here. Maybe a good place to stay away from, that farmhouse. Like having a nest of rattlesnakes in your pocket. Take your gun, Johnson. Put it away. Thanks. Where are you hiding out? Never mind. Just thought me and the wife might visit sometime. Sorry. Do you have any extra food I might buy? No harm in asking. Nothing like eating under an open sky, even if it is radioactive. Some joke. Daddy, Rick says, you talked to Mr. Johnson today. Yeah, we saw him. He wanted to come see us, but Dad sure froze him out good. Isn’t there anybody we can trust? No, not yet. Rick, you and Karen clean up. Give your mother a break. Ann. I’m sorry, Harry. I know I should be grateful we’re still alive, but somehow I Radios I love you, Harry. But not more than a future without hope, because I’ve got to have hope to go on. I’ve got to know there are other people like us, like our children. People who are better than just animals. There must be some good people left. There probably are. I’ll go look up the Johnsons in a couple of days and I’ll bring them back with me. Thank you. The mighty hunter returns. Was that you shooting all over those hills? I was a couple of miles away. He jumped up in front of me. I couldn’t resist. I got him in one shot. I heard three shots. So did I. But I only shot once. What were the other two? Maybe the Johnsons are doing some hunting. I saw that smoke again. You think we ought to check it out? Not a bad idea. We’ll do it after lunch. That’s a pretty nice buck. Let’s take his suit off. Dad, don’t you think we ought to stop and see the Johnsons? You promised Mother. All right. But be careful. Come on. Watch it! You all right? What are we gonna do with them now? I want to take another look at that farm. Then we come back and bury them. I’ll do it myself, if you like. I said I’m all right. Of all the neighbors we had to find next door to us. They killed the Johnsons,