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Frame Boy 4 Life is tough at. Good morning. Cool guy! Yeah. The latest vampire model. Young, cool Game But he looks like a loser. Alright, where are you in the program? Guinizzelli. Middle of page. Good. You like talking about love in class. No, I swear Game I follow the program. And what do Guinizzelli, Dante, Petrarca talk about? Constructions? No, they talk about love. That’s why you read them in th grade. Because it’s a hot topic, right? Right? You guys aren’t listening, are you? Substitute teaching is a game. Today I want to talk to you about a book that well, that changed my life. Has that ever happened you? Yeah, always. Every time I read, my life changes. Because I’d rather be doing anything but that. We have a comedian in the class. Come up to the board. What? You can’t quiz me the first day! You’re right. But since you are so brave, you can teach today. Alright. Come on up. Sit down. What should I talk about? Soccer Game I don’t know. But it’s easy. Take that register in front of you. Open it up. Yes. Skim down the names. Find yours. And give yourself You joking? Who, me? You’re the comedian. I’m not here because I’ve nothing else to do Like most of you. I really like being a teacher. With a threemonth holiday every year, who wouldn’t! I know why: You like stealing sandwiches from students. No, that’s not it. Because I dream of a better world. A less superficial world less ignorant, weakwilled. It’s just that, with adults, the game’s been lost. With you only % has been lost. That’s my dream. What’s yours? Mine? Are you afraid? No, it’s not that I don’t have any dreams. I don’t believe you! Bea! At your age, everyone dreams. Which one of you has a dream? Raise your hand if you do. Go on. Sorry Just a habit. Well? Come on. You see? It doesn’t take courage to bully the teacher. It takes courage to admit you have a dream. And to fight to fulfill it. Give yourself that D ’cause if I do it, it’ll become an F. Put a bit of mayonnaise in that sandwich. It won’t go down. It’s stuck. Victory and defeat. The two things you can only say to people you trust.