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I’ll give you he’s cute. But he is literally a homeless person, Jacks games a wanderer. That’s right. Who the hell lives like that anymore? Apparently, the guy taking a shower in your bathroom upstairs. It’s not the sixties. So, is that bad? To wander around? What do you think? I don’t know yet. Good answer, honey. Carrots? Yeah. Here’s some right there. That’s enough, yeah. So have you ever worked? Yes, ma’am, since I was . Construction games salmon fishing up in Alaska. Ran a farm for a couple years. What kind of farm? It was organic games co-op. We had a program where we took in at-risk youth from Nashville. We gave them a piece of land, taught ’em how to understand planting cycles games the moon, seasons, things like that. Did it help? Shoulda seen the games look in their eyes. The end of summer, they’d come back and look at their plot, see the little buds coming up. You could tell they felt games just games uh games Proprietary. Yeah games yeah, proprietary is a good word for it. When are you planning on leaving? I’m asking how long a person stays when they’re not so used to staying. Leaving after dinner. Really? Yeah, I gotta go meet up with my friend Georgie. We’re heading to Portland tomorrow morning. There’s a folk festival happening, it’s a good time to busk. So, where do you keep your shampoo and stuff? Well, it was in my pack. You want some of these? But they didn’t get your banjo, huh? Or the guitar. Oh. That’s right. So, you just carry everything around with you? Like a turtle? You ever seen a turtle with a backpack? Imagine that. I already have this stupid house on my back games and now I have to carry ’round my shampoo in this thing? I don’t even need shampoo, I’m a turtle. I don’t have any hair. You think they have TVs in there? Oh, yeah, absolutely. Why else do you think they move so slow? It’s good, Grandma. It’s delicious, thank you. No, we’re not gonna come back to New York for Christmas. We’re staying at my mother’s. So, the first time in nine years games you were going to tear yourself away from the office games