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Franky The Fish time 2 Yes! Please tell Mr. Nakamoro I have to go. Stupid girl got herself kidnapped. “Praise the Goddess” “Praise the Goddess” Congratulations. Why? You’re the first hostage of our kidnapping business. Really? Yes. When I got my first patient, I was happy too. Half an hour was all I said. She’s really so much trouble. “O sweet heart game ” Someone shut her up, she is driving us crazy. “I forgot what comes next. ” “O sweet heart game ” Keep quiet! Here’s your money. Return my guest to me. Prince! Dharam Singh? You? Greetings, Prince. Greetings. You’ve kidnapped our guest, Dharam Singh. Are you out of your mind? Pardon me, Prince. We didn’t know she’s your guest. I thought she’s a tourist. Bring her here quickly. Do you want to get me killed? Yes, yes. We didn’t do anything. We didn’t do anything, I swear. Viku! Bring her. Hi! Now get out of here. I don’t want to see any of you in Sambhalgarh again. Viku, you’re so heroic. What a rescue. I feel sick. I need to breathe. I don’t understand how you got yourself kidnapped game game in just half an hour? WE! You and who? Is there anyone else? I game permission game How could you be so stupid? Sorry, there was an audition. Never mind. But, Viku, you saved me. Mili, you are drunk. Hi, Manju, what’s up? Petrol is up, I am up, your father’s up. K’s down, idiot’s still sleeping. You say? Nothing! I am just getting ready for work. And your Prince Vikram? How’s he? Will you be a princess? Forget Vikram! You’re just interested in him. I just grew up doing silly stuff. If you had straightened me up then game game I might’ve settled down by now game game mothering or kids. What did you do now? I kissed the frog! Oh no, you kissed that bore? But he’s engaged. Oh, that’s terrible! You should’ve told me earlier that he is engaged. What now? I don’t know. Mili. Manju, I can’t think straight right now. Okay, bye. Bye. Mili. Oh, God! Manju. What do I do now? Hold on! Hold on! Breathe game Deep breaths. Are you calm now? Look, talk to him clearly and end this story. That’s the best. Good idea!