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I will make the boy’s head game a match with his father’s. The gods smile on me game and I am like a son to them. There! My warriors game we leave! There! Cowards! Come, boy game time to claim what’s yours. Come on, boy! Stupid boy! You’re afraid, aren’t you. I am so glorious game that is what you’re in awe of. The monster’s spirit game and these dead lands have possessed you. So be it. No mercy! Come on, boy! You’re embarrassing me! Put up a decent fight! I am your better game and now you know it. Pick it up, demon game I will honour you with a good death. Go! Go to your father. You are a fool to honour me. Tell the dead game I am coming. The demon is but a man, after all. No! Glorious game as your father before you. You will pay for the slaughter of my family. As it should be! Your father will be proud game just as mine is proud of me. Tell them how I met death. Promise me! And if I do game what then? Your kin will seek repayment for your death. They will tell of our glory game and remember us in stories. You didn’t have to kill them all! How could I live with the dishonour game of my kin lying unburied? I have given them glory. Just as you will do when you kill me. So it goes, then game around in circles. When you think of me game you will remember how I spared you. And that forever game you owe me a debt. The debt lies with you game your father game and your tribe. For all time. Do you swear? Swear. Say it! I swear. On your honour game and that of your father. I swear it. Then the ancestors of this place game are my witness. Stupid boy game let me die in peace. I can see them, boy game my ancestors. They reject me. They banish me from the afterlife. I have nowhere to go now. You will be welcomed by my ancestors. Do you hear me? They will lead you into the afterlife. And we will speak of you in stories. Speak of your honour.