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room in the entire house. Creepy. How so? Living in a house with things that are dead. Nothing truly ever dies. Where are you going? I’m moving to LA, Brooke. I’m leaving today. LA? What about Montana? What about Montana? A ranch game game Just the two of us. Maybe game kids, and a wedding. Kids? You think that I want ing kids? One in’ kid would ultimately end my life. I would have to give up everything. My goals, my dreams. I’m not ready for that. And clearly neither are you. This. This thing we’ve got going on game that you like to call a relationship. It’s fizzled out, run out of steam. Not worth fighting for anymore. You don’t mean that! Yes I do! I want to go with you! Don’t you ing get it? But I love you! I never ing loved you. It’s over, Brooke. What? Why? So. How’d you find the place? Promise me you’ll always come find me. I promise. Who’s artwork is this? Well, mine, of course. No, I’m lying. Look, if you’re not interested, just tell me know game and stop wasting my time. No no no, I’m interested. All right then. You have a job, right? Unemployed and a smartass. You really are a catch. Ivy’s going to love you. Ivy? You go see if she’s in there. I’ll catch up to you. Get out of my house before I phone the authorities! Shhhhh. Darling it’s me. I am just showing a new friend here the room. Sorry, I thought you were a thief or something. I’m River. Ivy. Ivy Valeska. What a beautiful name. Sorry, I thought you were a thief or something. It’s catchy isn’t it? I thought of it myself. Stage names game Stage names? Everyone has a stage name in LA, River. It tells the industry that you’re serious. With giant capital letters. We’re actors River. I thought you were a painter? I’m an artist, in all aspects. I’m an actor too. We’re obsessed with s cinema. Aren’t we baby? We kind of have to be. Film History River. You have to learn from the greats game if you’re ever going to be one. Would I have seen you in anything? I’ve been acting since I was a child, mostly foreign films. Films that most likely you haven’t seen game