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Free Willy Speed Escape I still want to work longer with you in the future Do you know what it means? Feels so nice. Oppa, try this. Is it good? Let’s go.l Let me go.l Let’s go Who’re you?l Get lost! I said, step aside. Hee Jin’s my woman! Honey, we’re just had a little fight, right?l What do you want? We’ve break up already!l Let’s have a talk there This time, it isn’t days, not even days This is uncommon for me. But, why is it always with me Give me a drink Hyun Goddess..l Hyun unni What is it? Why don’t you just take a bathl Towel Wipe the water off first, then sit down. Min A, bath robe It’s tasteless.l Tae Joon, give me something else Would you drink it, then I’d cut off your ears?l I.. What’s cut off ears?l You cut your own ears? Who is it? A famous person? No one. Ho Kao?l Because it’s Hun Ku.l Bring it, hurry! From now on, I’d live however I want. You’ll introduce me with someone. I’d flirt on with every Korean man /Me too Why don’t you two date each other? /Stop that Min A, just close the shop.l Alright We’re not on a good mood today, won’t be good for business.l So nice of you Haven’t you break up? Is it over? I don’t want to. Then what would you do? l I’ve no idea Look, isn’t there a way? If the media knows about it, you’re done.l I know that too What is there you don’t have? Goddes Kim Hyun Woo, not some cheap lady.l Yes Is that man covered by gold, siver?l A golden light Although there’s no golden light, there’s a bright ray I really don’t understand that.l I don’t get it myself. But, that man is a true gentleman.l Gentleman? He’s not, He’s a jerk. Aren’t you looking for an ordinary man? Think about it, in your love live now, there’s no Kim Hyun Woo. You only become the third person Don’t cry How can you say that? Hyun Woo, sorry Today, I’ve made mistake. Might be from all those cola i drank. I’m sorry Right now, Hyun Woo’s in terrible state, please turn up the volume Hyun Woo, really, I’ve made you cry I truly am, my mistakes to you So it true, the only man who can make Hyun Woo laughs is me Hyun Woo, what about me?