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I made it! I knew it! Did you see? I finished! What are you doing? Fixing breakfast. Why are you working on this car Instead of the taxi? You’re not going to moonshine again, Are you, Wendell? No. I’m racing. Racing? That’s right, Mary. It cost us a lot of money To fix this car up, damn near jobs. I figure we ought to get Our money’s worth out of it. It doesn’t matter what it cost, Wendell. What matters is you’re free. Not if I ain’t doing what I want to do. I’ve wanted to be a race car driver all my life. Are you crazy? Didn’t you learn anything on that track yesterday? I damn sure did. They can’t kill me, even if they try. There ain’t no better driver than I am. I finished in this car, and I can win, Mary. Next time I’ll win. They’re going to kill you, Wendell, And that’s the truth. The truth is, Mary, I’m tired of lying to you, And I’m tired of lying to myself. I’m going to be a race car driver. What you looking for, wendell? Some of this, some of that. Some of everything. A universal joint. I wouldn’t know a universal joint If it bit me. There’s one about to bite you. Oh. It’s an old Plymouth. Is it any good? You know what that reminds me of? Me, you, Bonnie May Booker, Mary Ellen Smith game Oh, lord, yeah. Look at that. Old sheriff’s car, huh? You know what this is like? A museum. Walking through here Looking at all this stuff. You can’t do nothing with these old wrecks. That’s a good motor– You Wendell Scott? Huh? You Wendell Scott? Yes, sir. Whoa! Wendell Scott. I think he’s having a fit. Yeah. This is Wendell Scott. What’s your name? Them good old boys Tried to get you off that track. You was airborne, man. I ain’t never seen nothing like it. They was just trying to get my attention. Well, man, my name is Woodrow. Yeah, well, pleased to meet you, Woodrow. Save that arm. This is my friend Peewee. I’m Mr. Scott’s spiritual advisor. Let me tell you something, Mr. Scott. I’d sure like to work for you. I’m a good motor and electrical man. I can’t afford no mechanic. Sorry. Hey, I got weekends, you know, And I’d sure