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Freewheeling Good Friends She’s fired hasn’t she? She’s finished What’s this? She’s in major problem. Look.. Pick up the call Is she at your place? No, I’m looking for her too. Still haven’t found her, what now? I’d go crazy, what to do? Where is she, actually? Didn’t she said to you, when she’s drunk that she’d go to Han River?lDon’t you talk like that! Taxi! To Tung Street please, hurry! Yes, mother. What is it? What can I do, now? I really don’t know Actually, I know that for years, you’ve been behind me, guarding me I also know that I always overlooked your wholehearted feelings All that you’ve done, for my sake But, you said that I don’t see you behind me Even though I know that I’m a selfish person, but I miss Joon Soo so much ”Every hardship is a way for you happiness”. We can eventually overcome every problems Great That’s what I’ve always wanted to hearlSo boastful. Why, you Why don’t you scold me? Aren’t I supposed to be scold at? You’ve this grown up, it’s no use anymore. Also, you’re now at a distress state I’ve made a mistake But, I’m not distressed anymorelYes. Love Isn’t always runs smoothly. But, everything’s will be alright Apparently, my father is that typelHe was like Joon Soo when he was young Is it true? Dad’s like Joon Soo?lSo, at that time, I followed her wordslThat’s also your luck Mother, I don’t deserve this luck Don’t worry Eat up I said, I don’t have any appetitelI think..lI don’t want to hear what you thinklSorrylDon’t think over it too much He doesn’t understands women’s feelings. Even at his age. My son.. Sometimes, actions are more importantlreally hard to understandleat up, hurry Has she gone?lShe’ll get on a plane this afternoon That’s unacceptable, teacher. Bring her back game His girlfriend’s also like her She doesn’t understand your honest feelingslHe didn’t explain that to her Silence, everyone! I think, it’s all his fault What are you doing, teacher? Hurry, bring her back, if not, you’ll regret this your whole life I beg you.. don’t leave Kim Hyun Woo, can you be with me? I don’t feel anything