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Wars can be prevented Earthquakes, famines, floods, can be prevented. Even if we can’t prevent them, we can at least be prepared forthem. You’ve already started seeing the future, Rohit. Welcome! ln the hope that this union of brilliance and vision will become history. Create history! lt took him two whole years. .but Rohit achieved the impossible. .he built a computer that could see the future. .lt was around the time when you were going to be born. Hello?- Mom? Rohit, l’ve brought Nisha to the hospital. That’s where l’m calling from. Congratulations! You’re going to become a father anytime. Come back soon. l’m coming, Mom.l’m coming! Rohit? What’s the matter? You sound tense. l’ve been exploited. The world is very selfish But don’t worry! l’ll be back soon! But my son did not come back. Moments afteryou were born, we received word .that a fire broke out in the lab. .and they couldn’t save Rohit. Your mother couldn’t bearthe shock. .and passed away in a few days. When you were five years old. .l got to know that you too were born with extraordinary powers. .that Rohit had. l got scared. l didn’t want the world to know about you. And that’s why l brought you here. .a place where nobody knew us. l didn’t want to lose you at any cost, Krishna. You no longer want to see my face. .but l’m living only foryou, Krishna Yes, l’m selfish, very selfish. Grandma? What are you doing? l’ve taken out some of yourfather’s clothes. You can’t go to Singapore like this! But Grandma? l could shield you from the world. .but not your heart. Go, bring Priya here. Krishna. .stay carefully there Eat and sleep on time, don’t talk too much with anybody. And don’t get into any trouble. .whateveryou do, make sure you behave like any other man. Don’t get carried away to do things that make people realise. Who l am? Right, Grandma? Yes, my son. Don’t worry, Grandma. l won’t let anybody know about me. l’ll keep my strength, my abilities and my talent. hidden. That’s a promise, Grandma. Welcome to Singapore, Sir. Thank you. Your welcome sounds different.