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Frisbee Speed Dog No, but the sea is a very dangerous place. A dangerous place? How about the streets of Hong Kong? Have you seen what we have to fight? And we’re practically unarmed. Corporal! Yes, sir. Tell our men to practice running. No more shooting at criminals. We’ll run after them instead. Yes, sir. It’s amazing, the amount of ammunition game That you go through. Do you suppose you’d all become better marksmen game And use less ammunition if the government made all of you pay for it? Yes, sir, but that would make us better shooters than the Hong Kong police. What? Stand straight when you talk to me. Now, you listen here, sailor. The Hong Kong police can shoot with the best. You don’t see my men begging for more ammunition. It kills me to have to give it to you every time you ask for it. For once, I’d like to see you shoot something. When you see your admiral, tell him it’s the last time. Sailor? You’re lucky you’re not in my company. Go! Yes, sir. Huh? Writing to mom? Tell her we’ll be home in two days. Don’t forget your life jacket. Don’t worry. I’ll sleep with it on. Hey, why so sad? Cheer up. Why are all of you looking so unhappy? We’re not dead yet. The cops are watching them, aren’t they? We should be laughing our heads off. Show some spirit. Hey, dragon. Ready to ship out? Are the papers in order? Sure. It’s all set. Why are you all wearing such long faces? Hey, waiter, how about some beer down here? Ah, good catch. Thank you, sir. Hey, Tze, over here. Hey, look, it’s Tze. Good to see you. Long time, huh? Here, sit down. Sit down. This is my girlfriend. I don’t think you’ve met. Everybody okay? I’ll be right there. Hey, service! Who’s the toughest? We are! The bravest? Drink to the greatest! The bravest! To us! Can’t we put a stop to this? Tell ’em to be quiet. Keep it down, you bunch of schoolgirls. Say what? You heard, all right. Hold on. Forget it. It’s okay. Sorry. What’ll it be? It’s about time. Beer. I’d like the same. Bartender, four beers! Is there any room for me? Sure. Sit down. Please, have a seat. Hey, whose party?