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I’d never have pushed it so far, but Game No, I get it. It’s your artistic choice, I suppose. Yeah, or rather I guess I see it more as Game I wondered, since you didn’t invite me, what you were all trying to avoid. So I pushed it beyond everyone’s boundaries. But what’s your impression of me’? As I saw it, you and Henrik Game Game were at the top of the hierarchy, and Game To me, somehow, you were the worst guys. I understand if that seems unfair Game Game tit’s just that you always had such high status, and totally ignored me. What’s interesting is that I have no recollection of being nasty to you. Yet you say I was one of the worst. But I can understand that Henrik Game If anyone could be called a real bully, it was him. He’d hit and shout at me and Game me around. While you were the nice guy, but you stayed loyal to the bullies. I’m not placing the blame back on you but on the situation. You were in your situation, and I was in mine Game Because I’d never give it a second thought if someone was ignoring me. I felt I was bullied terribly Game Game for the entire time I was at school. This is the first conversation we’ve ever had together. Isn’t it’? Yeah, perhaps. But did Christopher recognise himself in the film? It was weird. He didn’t say anything or ask which one was him. Maybe he was afraid to. What could he say’? “Which one of those arseholes is me?” Or he quickly realised Game I’m just as crazy Game You’re craziest! Did anyone like you calling them? That guy did. What’s his name? Peter. Was he in the film? I’ll show you. One of the girls was happy you called. Kristina. Both her and Peter were curious about why I’d called. That’s him right there. How many have you got hold of? What can it be? Eight? Seven or eight, so far. It’s Anders! Hello! Hi! Hi. Nice to see you. How are you’? Just fine. Hi there. Good to see you. So you’re here too’? I’m helping Anna with ideas for the script. How far have you got? We’ve started by contacting them. It’s going a bit slow. They don’t show up.