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We can’t do this anymore. Do you want to go before me, bro? I just game I don’t know I think it would be a good move for me. Strategically. It’s nothing against you. If you aren’t ready, that’s fine. Are you ready? I mean you look game Ready? You know I like to help people out. You know spur of the moment stuff. Sometimes you get in there you’re not ready. You’re ready. Whatever it is, it comes off more natural. Either way, what’s the big deal? It’s Liz. You know Liz, right? She’s awesome. Awesome. Sweetheart. Really. She loves me. So when are call backs, baby? I want to clear my schedule. Uh, you know. It could be days or weeks. It was good? Good. Yeah, great. Okay, great. Bye! Bye. Matt? Hey, Jamie! Oh my god, River. Are you okay? What happened to you after I left? I had a rough night. I feel like you should have stitches or something. I’m okay. It’s fine. You sure? JUNE! Casting sessions over, buddy. I nailed it. Come on, smile. It looks better on you. I can try and get you a later call time. Really, it’s not a big deal. I’m in character. Okay Liz, this is River Miller. Let’s see. Short. Short. Some feature no one’s ever heard of. Another short. Wow. Such an impressive resume. Who represents you again? It’s not like that matters. I don’t have time for this. Let’s get started. Scene . Do you want me to slate? What do you think? Hurry. I’m River Miller, and I’m here to read for the role of Cain. We can’t do this? What do you mean we can’t do this? If he ever found out, he would kill us. But that would mean game It’s over! Forget about us! That’s enough. What? We didn’t even game We didn’t even finish the scene. Yes. Yes, we have. Why couldn’t you just let him finish? That’s all I needed to see. He was amazing. You didn’t give him a chance. I’ve been in this business for years. I know what I’m talking about. Hey. Did you miss me? Oh yes, you did. You said I couldn’t find you. You thought you could get rid of me that easily, didn’t you? Awww. You thought we were done. We will never game Be done. I’m going