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Thank you. I went to the doctor today. You ain’t sick, are you? No, I’m not sick. Thank god for that. We’re going to have a baby. That’s good. You’re not mad, are you? I love you, Mary. Oh game Train station, and hurry! Take the direct route. I know the tricks You people pull on out-of-towners. Yes, sir! You know what the problem is with you people? No, sir! You don’t know how to get ahead. Up north, we recognize opportunity and seize it. Yes, sir! [siren] Ooh-whee! Did you see that? He was hauling ass! Must have been a bootlegger. Black bootleggers Are a disgrace to the negro race. [tires screech] He lost the cop. Hot damn! Is that a fact? What are you doing? I said– can you slow down? Stop this car! Stop this car immediately! What are you doing? Please! Take me to the station. I won’t tell anybody! Come on, please. Take me to the station. Hey, man, you crazy? Who the hell are you? Scott. Wendell scott. What you want? I can’t chat all afternoon. I want some action. I drive fast and can make a car run! You ever haul liquor? No, but i know every back road and cow pasture In this county. Ok, meet me at the white graveyard At midnight. You know it? Yeah. The name’s slack. Ooo. Aah! Ha ha! Scared you to death, wendell. Come on. Admit I scared you. That ain’t funny, nigger. Didn’t I scare you? Come on, didn’t I? You were scared. Tell the truth. Ooh-whee! Man! What you doing out here, Peewee? What you mean? What you doing out here? I’m here on a very important business meeting. With me. You ain’t the only one Who knows slack. You mean– That’s right. The liquor– All the time. The moon– That’s it. I’ll be damned. We partners? Damn, man. The car’s over there. Let’s go. Come on. Slow down. Slow down, slow down, slow down. I’m slowing down. Yeah. That’s good. Drive in. Allen, how you doing? Hey, Peewee. Good to see you. Yeah. Who’s this man you fetched in? Oh, that’s my new driver, Wendell Scott. Wendell Scott? He’s a good man. Come over here, wendell. If you’re a friend of Peewee’s, You’re a friend of mine. You got it all ready for us?