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We couldn’t tell if you wanted to join in. I’ve thought a lot about the hierarchy that existed in our class Game Game and about how the time we shared shaped us. I found it a constant struggle. This isn’t about pointing fingers Game “but about my need to say now what I couldn’t say then. Cecilia and Lena. They were like a single bloody entity. Remember? So what? We were friends. If one of you was sick, then I got to play with you, and we’d have fun. Remember? And what about your “friendship contract”? What do you want us to say? For life! Remember? Where do husbands and kids Game Oh my God! Why has she done this’? It feels really weird. Really weird. Who do you think I am’? I don’t know. I think I’m Game No, that’s me. I thought it was me. What does she want? No idea. You can’t just rationalize like this. We were kids! What shall we say’? It’s an incredibly emotional film, really. I didn’t even want to go to the reunion. No, me either. So how was it? I was one of the first to leave. You didn’t miss anything. No, really. I don’t actually know why I went in the first place. I’ve talked to a lot of our old classmates Game Game and they told me that you helped with the invites. Me’? No way! How strange that they said that. It’s absolutely untrue. Honestly. I mean, we talked in advance, and I had contact with someone on Facebook Game Game but I had absolutely nothing to do with the invites. It’s just what I’ve been told. Well, it certainly isn’t true. This may seem like an accusation but it’s only because I’m curious. When I call people the first time, they answer. But when I call them again, they don’t pick up. What do you think that’s about? Speaking for myself, I find it tiring to talk on the phone in the evening. With everybody, not just you. It’s nothing personal. I usually don’t answer if I don’t recognise the number. I just didn’t recognise your number and didn’t answer. I can imagine Louise backing out because of what happened in the past towards you.