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Not bad at all. Well, do we move in? Yep, we move in. Harry, I don’t understand. When we have a perfectly good trailer, why Radios If we get fallout in this area, this trailer will be about as safe as a silk nightgown. This whole thing is a bore. It’s such a drag. Will you stop yakking and help us unload? Rick, get the stove. I’ll get the butane tanks later. Right. But, Daddy, what are you gonna do with the trailer? I’m gonna ditch it. I think that ought to do it. Pick up that distributor rotor. Right. That was pretty good. Let’s go. Well, such as it is, come and get it. O Lord, our heavenly Father, almighty and everlasting God, who has safely brought us to the end of this day, defend us with Thy almighty power. Lighten our darkness and with Thy great mercy save us from the perils and dangers of this night. Amen. Now, before we start, a little family discussion. We don’t know what lies ahead of us. The unknown has always been man’s greatest demoralizer. Maybe we can cope with this by maintaining our sense of values. By carrying out our daily routine, the same as we always have. Rick, for instance, and myself, will shave every day. Although, in his case, maybe every other day. These concessions of civilization are important. They are our links with reality. And because of them, we might be less afraid. Okay? All right. I’m sure we’ve got some nice Baked Alaska for dessert. Eat your baked beans. If we have to live here, we might as well decorate. Somebody stumbles across this cave , years from now, they’ll really be confused. I’ll tell you what we’re gonna do. We’ll take all the extra supplies and make six parcels out of them. Each one big enough to last us a week. Then we’re gonna bury it outside. But someone might find them. Someone might find this cave and take everything away from us. Don’t you understand? I didn’t think of that. Guess I haven’t been much help. Maybe because I’ve been numb with fright not only about mother, but about you. You’re just not like yourself. That’s because I’m scared, too, honey.