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Frozen Puzzle TimeNormal psychotropics don’t work. This thing is caused by a virus Game that infects the neurological system in utero. It lays dormant Game until it’s triggered by some kind of trauma. Most likely, he’s exhibited symptomsfor some time Game butthe infraction, orthe breach Game didn’t occur until today. The triggers can vary. Uh, usually water Gamesrelated, but the results don’t vary. He’s not just catatonic. He’s disappeared Games like having a dream and never waking up. For how long? Oh, forever. Lee, I think we might be missing the bigger picture here. Now, whatever state that he happens to be in Game there is a girl that is missing Game and her name is Julia Hickson Game and he is the only one that knows where she is. He keeps them in this thing Game for about forty hours. Now, he took Julia Hickson at : last night. Peter, you know me. If there were anything, anything Game What? He provides them withfood Game drinking water, and a toilet. Now, she thinks she’s been kidnapped Game that there’s a chance of survival Game but it’s just a form of torture. This is a kind of ritual for him Games a cleansing before he takes them home Game and turns them into a doll, a toy. Now, this thing is fully automated Game and unless we find her by tonight Game this will happen to her. At the request of Mr. Cooperman Game we’ve contacted your board of directors Game and they’ve given their approval. And so have Edward’s parents. But the decision is yours. It’s up to Catherine. She’s the one who would have to face Game whatever risks there might be Game so, I support whatever decision she makes. Can I ask you something? Please. If he wasn’t like this Game if he was conscious Game do you think that he would tell you where she is? There’s always a chance of a confession. Yeah. And there’s things he’s done that show a need for disclosure. He hasn’t had a sympathetic ear. He wants someone to listen, to try and understand him. Look, I feel for this girl, I do Game but Stargher may no longer know the truth. For severe schizophrenics Game