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Fun Beast Squad Am I really not your type? Surely isn’t.l Until now, you don’t see me as a man? It’s true, years. You’ve might already know Since years ago I’ve already loved Hyun Woo Kim Hyun Woo, who came from Jeju island, Our first meeting was really shocking. l It’s your room Where’s your room?l Right here I want this room. Go! Kang Joon Soo, hurry!l Let’s go together Hurry up, you turtle.l Come on Kim Hyun Woo, be my girlfriend.l Accept him, accept him Wait, I have to make sure first I don’t feel a strong heart beat from you Well then, where’d we go tomorrow? I want a boyfriend first to go there together A special one to get along. Do you get it? Hyun Woo, you have to keep your promise Kid, hey..l Since then, I have the acrophobia Hyun Woo, I went there with you, then date me Also, at the time I didn’t pee in my pants, It’s just the uncle next to me Some of his drink spilled over me I really like you Go away! Hyun Woo said, familyrelated people cannot date each other I’m sorry, Oppa. To me, you’re not a man Right here, there’s no feeling of you Can’t feel the desire for you Your heart? I’m going to move your heart After this drink, we’re going to date.l What did you say? Let’s do this After years, there’s never had a dream this good Joon Soo! Come eat Why is the memory from yesterday I be this clear Good morning Why are you here? Oh my, did they sleep together?l No.l It’s not that Hyun Woo must’ve forget it game l I don’t know what I did Thank you, father. mother.l What? Father? Are you crazy?l We’ve decided to date.l Great Water.l Here’s some water, dear Drink up After years, how’s your feeling first kiss with me?l Feeling? Happy? I haven’t feel my heart beats to be strong, passionate ones Me neither When I called you ‘honey’, did you that surprised? afraid that I’ll hold you down? I’m fine. Don’t you think too much. I know you’re not seeing me as a man Now, you’d break up with me?l Me? And I didn’t believe my heart at first. Now, I follow my heart. This is how it ends, right? I won’t ever fall in love anymore I’m late,