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It’s straightforward but it’s subtle in its competency assessment. I just came to get my lunch bag out of the fridge before the drive home. Oh! Hey I knew there was something different about you the other day. What? It’s the beard. You didn’t have it before, did you? Erm, no, I I had it, actually. I’ve always had it. I think it gives me a certain, you know, professorial thing. Oh God! You are so . You are so . Oh, my God. I can’t believe it. You’re so . Do you love me? What? Do you love me? Yes, yes, I love you. Then show me. You’re still here! Is he? Oh, no. He left a while ago. I just thought I’d clean up a bit. So, how was it? Erm, thanks for making it happen. Here’s your key back. Keep it. Mi casa es su casa. Got a little something else to give you. What is that? Your Calculus midterm. What’s wrong? I’m not sure this feels right. I don’t think you understand just how far I had to go to get that for you. I never asked you to do that. I did what I had to do So you can get your life back and get on with your larger purpose.