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No one wishes forevil. Someone who wants his enemy to die, would cover his hair, nail orbone with a cloth, put the name on it and place it on the tree. It’s a century old tradition The smell is awful. Games This area is bad. Are you okay? , are you okay? Are you okay? Games I’m fıne, I’m fıne. The smell made me dizzy. I’ll be fıne now. Look at the sheep Games Don’t run them over. Okay okay I stopped. Look how cute this little one is Hey You startled my sheep. Okay we stopped. Games Sorry. We’re lost, can you tell us the way. What are you looking for? Games We want to go to the town of aşağıyağız. What are you going to do there? Do you know Refika Duran, she had a husband Bilal Duran, he died Bilal Duran from Kıbledere village. They moved a while ago but used to live in an old Greek mansion. Do you know? You’re way off course and if I tell you to go back you’ll have a lot of ground to cover. Just continue straight ahead. Games Okay. You will come to an intersection. Take the left. You will see lights and keep going on that road The house will be straight ahead. Games Thanks. Okay? Games Okay, thank you very much. Thanks. Have a safe journey. I hope he gave us the right directions. I turned left just like he said. Games Yes. There are lights up ahead. Games There it is, we found it. Faruk hoca. What is that overthere? Games What? What are those people doing? Games Who?? Recird this. Games Who did you see, what happened? It’s already recording. Turn on the flash. Games Give it to me. QUICK, DON’TYOU SEE IT? Where, I can’t see it? Games Look, who is there with him? I just saw it. Hold on, isn’t that the shepherd from before? Definitely not? Games It’s him. How is that possible? Games Okay okay, we passed it. Anyway Game Curious. Keep going. We’ve been driving forhours. Hello Refıka. I have entered the road now. Yes, I see the mosque on the right. Okay, passed the mosque I’m turning right. I’m here. Okay, I’ve got it Okay, see you. Is this it?