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Come here, come here. How much longer do I have to stand around and watch people talk about my work? Just a little while longer at least, David, please. Okay. Hey, oh my God, look at this. The barb beating them off with a stick. Yeah? Yeah. I think my head might pop off my ing neck, so catch it if it does, can you do that for me? Yeah, I’ll catch your head. Awesome. Hey, how are you, it’s been awhile. Yeah. How you doing? Good, yeah. Hey. Oh my God. Hi. Hi. I didn’t wanna interrupt, you know? I just wanted to say I’m proud of you, babe. And I hope that we could talk about everything. What’s up? Hey, I think we’re getting ready to go. Getting ready to go where? We’re going to dinner, right? Oh, I didn’t know. That’s because I didn’t invite ya, that’s why you didn’t know, and so don’t make a scene please. That’s just ing rude. Hey, I games Don’t touch me, David. Okay, okay, okay. God, you! Bull! She just cannot help herself, can she? You’re not going after her? I’m not what? Not gonna go after her? I, Chris, why don’t you go after her, why you even ask me that? Hey. What? What the hell are you doing? We haven’t hung out in awhile, why don’t you just let her sober up, she’ll be fine, okay? Yeah, perfect, I’m good. Awesome, let’s go have a good time. Hey, Pam, how are ya. You look beautiful by the way. Well the hell is going on with you two? That’s what I wanna know. Comes and goes. It’s good to see you, babe. You’re like a lovely ray of moonlight. Bouncing around in the dark, choppy ing polluted shark infested waters of the Atlantic. Wow! Hey. What’s up, bro? How are you? Let’s go grab a drink. Yeah, I’ll be back in a couple minutes. See, my best friend had an aunt in Hawaii, too. Oh really? I’ll be right back. Hey. I’m just sitting here thinking. That’s good. I mean I didn’t really ask you, but thank you for letting me know. How are you, David? Ah, you know, my girlfriend’s ing my best friend, how are you, Brenda? What?! Are you games Seriously, so good. Thank you. I’m sorry, what? Yeah. I don’t want, you know what, how about you?