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Shh Wow, that’s a lot of pranks. Yeah, when it’s cut all together like that, you really get a sense of the scope. Some of those must’ve been really hard to pull off. And dangerous. Like that tiger. Oh, that tiger was crazy. For four long years you two have been disrupting the carefully calibrated, drone-like beehive that this elementary school is supposed to be. I may not be able to prove it yet but I’m gonna get you two one day. One day very, very soon. All right. Fair enough. Get out of my office. Now! You see what we’re up against? And that’s just a typical day at Jerome Horwitz Elementary. More like Jerome Horwitz Penitentiary. Hey, guys. What’s going on, Tommy? Same old, same old. Poor kid. Time to have fun with history. Memorize these dates. ,,,. First graders. Always hits them the hardest. Hold on a sec. So that’s why we do what we do. He’s left us no choice. Our pranks and practical jokes are the last line of defense against the injustice of our terrible principal. Well, Well, Well. I heard you both got into a bit of the old trouble today.