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Funky Dada Race Here’s to us! Don’t buy a thing from that crook! It’s made in Shanghai. Everybody knows. What a complete con! We always say, “When you have no right Game ” “Take the left!” Hi there. Can I get a Regina? Hold the ham. And a Margerita. Sure. Here come the Smurfs. Look, they’re blue! Show some respect. You’re not local. I know, the accent Game No, the paleface look, see? And this is the Pampa! Precisely. How about an Abrivado? Are you free Saturday? What’s an Abriwhatever? An Abrivado. It’s a bull run in the streets. Like in Pampluna? Except we corral them. Who are “we”? The Gardians. On horseback. You’ll come? Why not? I’m hardly overbooked right now. I’m Tiago. Léa. Who’s that? Pizzaman? A kid from Marseille. Since he arrived, every Friday’s a feast. Marseille isn’t in Provence. Don’t be daft! It’s a minute drive! Different mentality. Two mineral waters on me. Look! Absolute beauty! O, Magali, I love you so Won’t you come to your window? Tiag, is it ready? Coming right up. Cool! The new Nikes! Shame about the stains. Here, beautiful. Homemade ice cream, opposite the pharmacy. Drop by. See you, Tiag. Where’s the nearest Nike store? Why? Did Mum give you any cash? Not to buy you identical pairs of sneakers. Can we go to this Gardians thing? I’ll ask your Mum. Say no more. I’ll walk there anyway. You’re your mother’s daughter. Mamma mia! So pigheaded! Shit! What? My pink thong, the one with the bow. It’s gone! With the Mistral blowing, if you didn’t peg it Game Where’s it gone? Who knows? Mira mas? Martigues? Sardinia? Mum never went backpacking. Who’s the globetrotter then? Us. Who’s “us”? Gramps and me. Those are our trips. Hold on Game Athens, Istanbul, Teheran, Peshawar, Bombay, Goa! How’d you do all that? Hitching? No, a Triumph. The motorbike. Hold on Game Look! Who’s that? Gramps as John Lennon! Granny’s not bad either. Looks like Janis Joplin. Check this out, Granny hitchhiking. I couldn’t do it, freaks me out. Amazing places, they saw. Granny, the Shaolin monk! They went all over. All by bike. Awesome. Insane!