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Garfield’s Comic Creator 4 Right now, it’s $ a ton. In , it was $ a ton. Takes talent to get the news, think it through, write it and back it up with research. Without good reporting, you haven’t got a paper. That extra four percent game Might make it dangerous venture. A free press, sir, like a free life, is always in danger. That’s why I hid out, ’cause I knew somebody would get me. Listen. You gotta believe me. Ah, shut up. You do believe me, don’t you? I like the proposition. Barring unforeseen complications, I think game Ed, it’s for you. Yeah? Give him a description of what that socalled police look like. Yes, Captain. When’s the press gonna grow up and stop playing detective? Can’t you tell the difference between a hoodlum and a cop? In this town? Yes, sir. Captain. Got the address? Now see that Mrs. Garrison gets home all right. What about Schmidt’s confession? We run anyway? Without his signature? That judge would surely close us down. You made a mess of it. I told you I don’t want no violence. Not yet, anyway. There’s a time and place for this kind of thing. This is stupid. No. No. Run away from what? I’ll talk to them myself, personally. Get ’em down here to my office, all of ’em. Sure, now. Right now. You too. And find Sally’s old lady, Mrs. Schmidt. Bring her in. I wanna talk to her. And this time, don’t foul it up. No paper ever did a better, faster, more thorough job. All we needed was that one bit of evidence, and we had it. Why do you think we hung the whole thing on Rienzi’s case? ‘Cause we were sentimental about a dead girl and a mink coat? No. No, we had something big, big enough to save our necks. Rienzi in the liquor business, the financial department dug that one up. Distributed for two of the biggest name brands. Rienzi’s brother runs a wire service for race results, Transportation, a loan agency for bookies, real estate, hotels, nightclubs. Slot machines, et cetera, et cetera. Years ago, my husband tried to do a story like this on a man just like Rienzi. No, I figured with a story like this to tell, they’d never close us down.