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without questioning it to some degree. And then they have a really nice payoff in the scene at the barn when, with what she says to Q before they leave. I love this shot. This is one of my favorite shots in the movie. The way we sort of spiraled down toward them, and it also required a great performance from both Justice and Jaz because there are no cuts here, so game There are no cuts and you could do this with them. I mean, they nailed this scene. So I think we only did four takes, I think this is take four. And then I remember because take four was you ran in and you had the game You added that line about the spoon, the black Santa spoon. Yeah, yeah. And Justice liked that line, so we were able to get it in here in the last take but game I’m not sure I’ve ever seen you more happy than when Justice had that line. Well, I mean, Jaz says this in the movie, but I really do believe it’s important that we imagine Santa complexly. I think that this idea of a white Santa is really problematic on many different levels and says a lot about the way that we imagine benevolence in pop culture. And, yeah, I wanted her to say that and I wanted Radar to still dislike his parents in the way that teenagers do. So, I was reallyjumping up and down joyful that that line is in the movie. I think we had to cut it out of the audio track. I think it’s on the audio track game You can hear me laughing? game cause we can hear you yelp. I don’t know, I could be wrong. Maybe I am making that up, but think it may have happened. I’m not surprised. I didn’t do a good job of not talking during the scenes, it’s never been my specialty. It’s hard, they’re so charming. And funny. Yeah, you just feel like it’s not real game You feel like it’s never going to be an actual movie, you just feel like you’re hanging out with these really interesting people who are playing characters that you imagined, so, it’s a pretty intense and disorienting experience. Yeah, this is now actually the third different location that has stood in for that location on