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Greetings Princess.. Its the time for king to come now.. Whoever it is, come in other path.. Welcome Princess… Its ok you all go first.. Everyone go fast Lot of people behind… Next is you… Arrest her… Commander Sethupathy finger’s… were chopped by Bahubali’s wife… so we start the enquiry before Mother queen, Minister and people as the witnesses The case will be handled by the king of Mazhilmadhi OK, Do you want to say something about your crime? Without asking me first, you hand cuffed me. and decided that I am a criminal What kind of Justice is this? That’s the rule in Mazhilmadhi Until you prove your innocence you will be hand cuffed Even a tribal men will not have such rule like that Throw your rule in fire, your law in river. Such a foolish kingdom Devasena, this kingdom is very famous… If you say another word against… Tall buildings and scriptures alone are not famous. Having an open heart is more famous. There is no such person with open heart & mind. What a shame… Did you listen that, my king? She is so arrogant before you See how she behaves when you are not around Baahubali… << Subtitle by Vinsebby >> What happened? Explain Sethupathy Lot of people around temple That time Princess also arrived Since its the time… for you to come So I asked her to come on the other way.. Bahu, What is this? Why are you making him panic? I am making him spit the poison out.. You are crossing your limits, Baahubali When you hand cuffed a pregnant women This kingdom already crossed its limits Pregnant women or old women We enquire everyone the same way Do you know what happened? Tell me what happened, Devasena? He asked all the women come in one way Then he touched all the women… What you did is wrong… You should not cut his fingers.. cut his head How dare you insult my law? He did mistake so he panicked Because she spoke the truth she was fearless Truth was proved, so his head got cut Baahubali… Let Sethupathy be the criminal The justice has to come from King… You think you are a king? That day your wife asked you to be king, So are you trying to prove it? That day she said the ruler is wrong.. She said our law is wrong.. She said but you showed it by action You both have betrayed this kingdom Minister… Yes, Mother Queen What punishment for them both? For royal family, if they dont follow the law they need to leave the kingdom… Then follow it… You both get out of the kingdom from now One side you taught the law and another side is your religious preaching. Between that both you gave me this sword So it made me take the justice path Even if you ask me go out now. I will always be ready to be at your service. Hey, stop crying. Our god is leaving the temple to live among us. Be Happy… If he stays alive, He will live like a king only… How you are able to sleep? There he is saying don’t need king, don’t need kingdom I will take care of all your problems… He is making a revolution there Something bad is going to happen, l’m afraid Sivagami… Bhalla, what are you doing here alone? Why has he come here?