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Oh, my God, just games Before you can games Sometimes the only way to shut him is to kiss him. That’s not true. Is that true? No, I mean games I stop talking. I’m so proud of you, darling. I stop. I stop. I’m ing hungry. Okay. Are you hungry? I’m sure you are. Are you guys ing hungry? Sure. Yeah. One more piece of pizza for old tubby over here. Oh games Seriously, buddy, you don’t have to barf to show us you like the food. Honey, he might have a point there. I don’t know. Jesus, I feel like I’m on Intervention or something. Just let him have one more piece. He’s a growing boy. Thank you, Charlotte. You’re welcome. The pizza is yucky. Doesn’t look like you thought it was yucky. It’s so good, you know what it makes me think about? What? Isn’t he the funniest? You know what? Hold on, I just wanna say one thing. He’s very funny. I wanna say one thing. You know, one of our main worries coming here was that we wouldn’t be able to meet new people or make new friends. Um games And I have to say that tonight you guys really put that to bed. And, and, and games It’s true. It is true. It’s true. He’s games Yeah. And I just wanna say, thank you for having us in your beautiful home. Thank you. Glad we could be of service. Cheers. So, thank you. And, you know what, speaking of being put to bed. Yeah, I think we’re hitting the wall here energy-wise. Yeah, it’s close. Yeah. It’s gonna be all like the squirt’s rules from here on out. Yeah. RJ, are you ready to say goodbye to Max? Only in America do we let children dictate when the night is over. Why don’t we put the kids to bed upstairs and continue down here? Carry him home later, once we’re done. Yeah. What do you think? This is a French house. Yeah, it’s a French house. Oh. I don’t games Well, we games No, we games We’ll just get out of your hair. We want you to stay. It’s fine. We want it. We want it. I mean games Is that what games Yes. Settled then. All right. I’m not done with you two yet. And as for you two kids. You come with me upstairs because I have got a surprise for you.