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You’ve spent your whole life around cadavers. How are your classes? Good. Games And your friends? Games Good. How about that Alyssa? Is she still picking on you? No. Everything is cool. Wear a smile on your face and things always go your way. Ok, try smiling about this note from school. Oh. Dixie Game I’ve tried to be understanding, but you’ve gone too far! It wasn’t my fault! That’s not what this note says. The principal hates me! Just like your peers, right? Yes! The whole world abhors you. Yes! Yes! Yes! All right, I’m coming in! Nobody cares about me. You know that’s not true. So tell me why everyone tries to avoid me. You need to think about that. See? You hate me too. That’s why I don’t have any friends. What about Julia? Did you invite her to the fair? She wants nothing to do with me. What? She says Game She says that you are Game Never mind, Dad. How about if we go together. Just the two of us. Come on. We’ll have a blast. Just what I needed. Are you having fun? It’s a blast. Julia isn’t the only person in this town, you know. Sure. You see, there are no accidents. There’s a reason for everything. Whether you make the best or worst of it is up to you. You know what I mean? No. Something amazing is going to come your way. I can almost taste it. Something like what? A Games ha! Yum, yum. Want one? Yeah. Nothing happens for a reason. Only dreamers like Dad believe that. Poor, Phil. Hi, Dixie. Do I know you? I want to apologise about the other day. Whatever. You should totally come hang out with us. Why? Ray and two of his friends invited us to the Fun House. İf you join us it’ll be three on three. And I know you like Ray. Thanks, but I’m with my Game Don’t worry about me. Go play with your friends and have fun. Make the most of an opportunity. You’re not gonna run off, are you? No. Oh, Dixie! Dixie, Dixie Game What happened? Go away! Mom left because she couldn’t stand you! I’m like the village idiot, thanks to you!