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Ghosts Stole My Puppy 4 them in the gutter of little hut. OK. You’ll come back later. If your husband’s already here. OK. But game The parking lot is that way. Oh yes. So you’re not here? My husband. Is that squeezed orange juice? Yes. Because I don’t see any pulp. The machine filters it. Alright. And you got any salted butter? Just kidding. It’s all good. All alone? Pomme isn’t here? No game Actually yes: she’s at the restrooms. Are you OK? Yes. You look worried. Excuse me. Wait. You leave your son outside? You don’t even carry his huge backpack? You could at least get him some kind of trolley. He’s gonna get scoliosis on top of it. On top of what? His problems. Tell him to join us. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to game It’s OK he feels no physical pain. What’s that all about? Makes no sense. Nobody feels no physical pain. What about yogis? Yogis? Who do you think you are? You couldn’t even make one kid, even one who has problems. And you think you know what a fakir feels or doesn’t feel? He’s a fakir now? How are you honey? My phone’s almost dead. Calling Romain game Hello? Yes, Romain. Your name showed up. Are you OK? Listen game It’s OK, it’s OK game And you? No, No game I can’t hear you well. We’re at the Champion Supermarket. Well, former Champion, it’s called Carrefour now. Well now we’re not in the same aisle game There’s no signal near the freezers. No, just ice cream. And tiny sausages and tiny blood sausages you know? Sonia and her new boyfriend are coming over tomorrow. Well if he shows up. No, not really game Hello? Hello game Hello! Hello game You let your beard grow? It’s nice. I just forgot to shave. That’s it. We’re OK, yeah. No problem. How many more? . What? ? I can’t do it. Is it Pomme? No, it’s not Pomme. And we no OK at all. Pomme gone. Gone? We hike and Pomme gone. Stay in forest. She lived in forest. She didn’t live in the forest, John. She lives there right now. She eats earthworms and dead leaves. Lots of exercise, Pomme. Lots of losing weight. No need of John and no need of Pierre. Away from me. Have a seat.