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Nipper, uh game Yeah, Nipper, what? The barmaid. He got the barmaid back in. She ain’t coming out. Where’s Ron? Oh, yeah. This is a piece of of me, this. Oh yeah. I love this song. It’s your favorite. Oh it, everybody game What? He still goes through, Ian. Oy. What? Don’t get him started. it. Well, thank you for asking. Cheer up, twinkletoes. It’s nearly Christmas. Why don’t you have a little dance or something, y’know? What is the point of coming out to a party like this game if you’re not going to enjoy yourself? I’m waiting for Jack the Hat. Oh, right. What’s he been doing? Has he been waving his shotgun around in the clubs again? What did you think going after Leslie Payne was going to get us? What do I think? You heard. Well in case you ain’t realized, I don’t ing answer to you, sweetheart. There he is. Come on. C’mon, Ron, show us that stuff. I’ve got the moves. Hello, hello. Where the birds at? It’s Jack the Hat. Mr. Bender, how are ya? Nice to see you. Esther? Jackie. I should never have let you go, that was an absolute mistake. I’m going to get myself a drink. And then I’m going to come back and I’ll tell you why I shouldn’t have let you go. Promise. Ron. *grunts in disgust* Teddy. Hang on, Ron, look. Jack’s here. What’s your story this morning, Dorice. Here, Jack. A cigarette. *scoffs* I quit on the way down the stairs. You got something on your mind, Reg? Yeah. Yeah, you’re on my mind, mate. Leslie Payne? What the were you thinking? Ey? You’ve ruined this. I don’t know what you’re on about. Don’t ing lie to me. I’m not going to ing let me be treated this way. How do you want to be treated, Jack? Ron? Shut up. He ain’t going to ing help you, is he? You’ve got a tin of worms in your head, mate. Don’t take it out on me what happened to Frances. What’s that? What did you say? It’s not my fault that Frances killed herself. I never sold her the ing pills. Oh, you’ve got to be joking. Are you ing joking? Reggie. Go on. ing shoot him. Say that again, go on. Reggie. Say her ing name. I dare you. Frances.