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What? They both are in love sir. Oh, you too know? I got to tell you some unknown facts. Marriage of my sister is fixed with son of Balagoud having crores of property. I always think my sister to be on a higher level than me. How did you think I would send her toy our house living on monthly salary? All fear to me like this. I am vexed about the love and respect from that fear. Only my sister looks into my eyes without any fear. She loves me loyally. That love should always be the same forever. She should not fear about me and hate me. Understood? All his men are in my house. Thus I spoke so with you. I am not frightened about me, but about my family. Not knowing what to do, I agreed for this marriage even when I do not like. Your marriage with Meera will go on without any problem for your family. Do as I say. Courier! From where? Some girl named Meera sent. Meera?Yes brother One, two and three… blast! Hey.. Catch that fellow I will stop or what? Come on guys, stop Hey, stop..Come fast Come fast, come on. Come fast Hey! I have cousin at Ramannapet.I will go there taking my parents. I will somehow bring Meera to Ramannapet. His brother cannot do anything if once you get married. He would digest after some days. He will accept your love even because of his love on Meera. Change your SIM card and text your new number Okay.Let us move Enjoy my dear…. Enjoy my dear…Why were you born and brought up? So, enjoy my dear… Yes, it will be done. It is done Director Sir! There is no other director in Indian industry who can empty a bottle in one go. Airlift! Go away.. Idiot Have you seen his bloody satires, director sir? We should not encourage such people. What can we do man? Institute and added Nagarjuna sir recommended. Have you noticed?The bottle always breaks whenever you throw. Enough sir..Go you bloody.. what happens if that pokes to some tire and accident happens? Hey, our mark is only when something happens because of our work right? What Chokka?Give High five! Anyone struggles to meet his lover. You are struggling to make lovers meet. Hey, take care. Hey! Are you alive? Oh no, I would have been down into the valley in a split second. No, the rented vehicle is into scrap. This looks like a thick forest. Bro, what to do now? Look like.. Hey, looks like the God sent. Hey stop! Great build up like a writer neatly dress Hey, get out bloody Come here. Sir. Hey ChokkaDirector sir Stop your bloody build up and say the line first. I am getting tensed and even the drink is not going in. Director sir, do you how am I struggling from inside? Is it thinking what to have? Shut up, bloody fellow Director sir, I got a great idea. Say Chokka! I will say whether it is great or not. Hold it.. A rich house when we open. A father aged like Anil Kapoor in there. And a mother some what like Madhuri Dixit They have a son like Hrithik Roshan. He is smart but dull He is always in search of something. He will not get that. Cutting from here…. A heroine like Deepika Padukone. She never sleeps Why? It is a madness… This movie like..