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Maybe it will chase after us, and we can lead ’em right out of town! Excuse Games moi, monsieur president. Hello, minister Chateau. I congratulate you on the magnificent animation on this octopus Game it’s a truly impressive example of the talents of our robotic industry. Monsieur president, we really need to talk Game now! I know you’ve been wanting a raise, Chateau. Let’s discuss that later. Jets! Chateau. You’re a genius! They called in the military. Conventional weapons won’t work on a figment of imagination. Aah! Stop! He quit following us to chase those jets! Pascal! He makes a nice hood ornament. Don’t you think? Its not interested in these diving suits anymore. Let’s switch back. Please, someone help me. Please! Huh Game thank you. Waiter, I ordered some octopus over an hour ago. And I still haven’t been served! If you were expecting a tip from me, forget about it! Uh Game aah! A giant octopus! Yes, yes, yes, yes. It better be a giant one! Go get it! Yaah! Whoa! Look at that guy! I’d better go help him. Vroom. The octopus is in the th Arrondissement area is evacuated. Deploy all forces. You Game you saved my life. I don’t know how to thank you. I’m gonna change my name to yours. That’s what I’ll do. So what is it? Profiterole. You got a middle name, kid? Uh, no. How about your dog’s name, then? Come on, get in! ‘Cause it’s showtime. It’s a giant octopus! Beat it you big squid! Aah! Why don’t you pick on someone your own size? Help me, please! Huh. Gotta put trash in its place. Thank you, Peter! Sorry about the bullying! Yike! Ground support. Take your positions. SWAT two, standing by. Time to hit the gas. It’s just a figure of speech, profiterole. Ooh! We have missile lock Games on. It’s cornered! Let’s get in there. Fire! If this doesn’t work. We’re doomed. Aah Game Here we go! What is that? Hold your fire! Aah! O Games oh Game ! Oh! Aah! Oh! Ah Game What the Game oh, yeah! Yes! Whoo Games hoo! All right, yes!