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Goku Bike Roller Coaster 3 but, um game game I’m pretty sure we can handle you, though. Oh, we’re just the first wave. This is huge! How are we even gonna find our way around in there? They call this a spa? Better leave a trail of breadcrumbs. We got a flat, and then got a little game Baked. Turned around. I see, no problem. We have plenty of vacancies coming up. Don’t worry, they’ll be checking out today and then we’ll have the place all to ourselves. Oh, goody. I’d be happy to show you around. Uh, maybe we could get our bags first. Yeah, maybe some rooms. It’s been a long drive. Whatever you wish. We work for you now. That’s pretty cool, actually. Danny has servants now? Hey, how you doing? Ya’ll come on in. Thank you. Geez. They’re kind of goodlooking for hillbillies. They’re cousins. No, brother and sister. Same thing around these parts. Come on, they’re probably just a normal couple. They’re funnylooking. And Amish. Actually, we’re kissing cousins on our Quaker brother’s sister’s side. I’m so sorry, that was so rude of us. Ain’t nothing we haven’t heard before. Just let it roll off my back nowadays. So you really are brother and sister? As I said, we weren’t expecting so many. We can make more, if you’d like. Uh, no, no, it’s fine. Really. We’ll leave you here to rest a spell while we figure out how best to deal with you. What is that? Go on, sit down. We’re really staying here? Why, what’s wrong? Ain’t no doubt all of this is a little bit weird. Yeah. You guys don’t get the charm of this place? I do. You rip the place down, subdivide the land, and we go back, we’ll send someone in for a real appraisal. Yeah, I think you’re forgetting that I don’t have anywhere to go. What, so this is your home now? I don’t know. Maybe. Danny, you’re used to Central Park West and Nobu on Friday nights. Yeah. And look what that did to me. Hey, we don’t have to make a decision right away. It’s fine. This place is alive. It has history, secrets. Enough excitement for two weeks at least. Come on, back me up, Vic. Uh, sure. A place this old surely has a book in it.