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You’re the best agent on the Franco-Belgian border, no? Probably. You could guard the border alone! They can’t hold a candle to you, and, to get even, they take the piss. Think so? Yes, they resent that you’re better. Basically, it’s a mark of respect. Belgian jokes are respect? Pure admiration. It’s enough to say, “I admire you” then it’s clear. What a mal entendu! Oh, yeah! Why is your language called French? In Belgium it should be Belgian. Absolutely! And the Belgian Franc. Belgian ‘Franc’; it’s an aberration! Why not ‘Belgar’? Like the Dollar. ‘Belgar!’ Sounds good. What do I owe you? Belgars! Keep the change! See, you toss the spike strip under a vehicle that won’t stop. and it pops its tires. Customs! Oh, no! Shit, shit game Shit, shit! Damn, it’s the guy in the ambulance! Freeze! Freeze! We can catch him. It’s just a diesel van! Quick! C’mon, gun it! Oh, no, don’t tell me I drove over it! Did I? What do we do now, lost in the middle of nowhere, hm? Now what! The portable phone! What? The portable phone! There! Courquain, Customs! Hello? Vanuxem, it’s Ruben! Vanuxem! Tell the guys, call the police. We got a runner! A burgundy-coloured van. A contraband runner. Burgundy van, with plate prefix (Paris plates) *Camembert, ! Route d’Anor. Direction: Chimay. I repeat game Kh, kr gg, hh game Hello? OK? On their way? Are they coming? No, they’re not! Costs a fortune and it doesn’t work! Hello? The experiment is a failure. A bitter failure. This circus must stop. We’re ridiculous. He’s right. The mobile unit is useless. No one takes us seriously. Our equipment’s inadequate. Ending customs is a bullshit move. Strategically, economically and it’s unpatriotic. It’s a enormous up! We should stop it. I’m sorry to say, but our report will be game stinging, huh? Oh, yeah! Vandevoorde, you’re not so naive as to think a single report is enough to stop the process? Careful, we could strike. Absolutely! Are you both dreaming! If you mobilized the agents and border people it changes nothing! The Courquain customs post willGood Sack Race Time 4, Good Sack Race Time 4 Games, Play Good Sack Race Time 4 Games