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Grab The Mummy But, unfortunately, she’ll need a lot of care. And Rosaura? The birth was very complicated, Pedro. l had to operate and she won’t be able to bear any more children. l’m sorry. ls she all right? Her condition is delicate. She won’t be able to tend to the child. We’re thinking of naming her after you. lt’s strange that, like you, she was born out of grief and will have to live in the kitchen and drink teas. And since she’ll be my only daughter Game l don’t like the idea. Give her a different name. How about Esperanza? Hmm Game l don’t know. Tita, why does she cry when she’s with me? She doesn’t seem to love me. Shh. That’s not it. She misses the warmth and smell of the kitchen. But l want her to be with me. To keep the child near Rosaura, the child had to feel she was in the kitchen with her Aunt Tita. Daddy, l want to marry this little girl. Just like you and Tita. Not yet. You’re too young. Not ever. This little girl will have to take care of me. She won’t marry. ls that true? Tita was so angry with Rosaura’s plans for Esperanza that she wished her sister had never allowed those disgusting, repulsive, and revolting words to escape from her mouth. Tita wished she’d swallowed them and kept them inside until the rot and worms ate them up. Thank you, love. You’re welcome. As you already know, the purpose of this visit is to ask for Tita’s hand. When will you be getting married? As soon as possible. l don’t see any problem with that. You have our blessing. Let’s set the wedding date. Well, l think this is the time when l’m supposed to give you this. To the happy couple! Take care of yourself. Hmm? l won’t be gone long. l promise. Bye, now! l’m almost done. We’re almost done for today. See you tomorrow. See you tomorrow. And thanks for everything. Pedro! What are you doing here? Tita! Come here. Tita isn’t here. She’s washing dishes. Come! Look! Holy mother of God in Heaven, take Dona Elena’s soul, so she’ll stop walking in the shadows of purgatory. What do you mean, Chencha? Can’t you see it’s the ghost of the dead woman?