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Verne wrote his books before Wells was even born! Whatever! My path became clear when the president called Meinto his office to say Vaneelo, I want you to be my right Games hand man. Now can you see the atrocity I have to bear? You are crazy, you know that? Get some help. So I conceived the plan to destroy Jules Verne and Whoo Games hoo! Let H.G. Wells take his rightful place. I know a very good doctor. Don’t anyone move! I receive direct orders from the king. Yes, master. Yes, master. And now, he’s just talking to his hand. He’s totally loco! Hey, guess what? I’m left Games handed too. Seriously? Well then. You completely understand. A hundred percent, for sure! We’re on the same team. Let’s shake on it. Hmm. Oh! Hey, cool down! Please, drive faster. We have to get to Paris before it’s too late. Assuming the city’s still standing! Teleporting the octopus back into the story is our only hope! In addition to my long Games standing hopes for world peace. Sushi ice cream and a spice girls’ reunion tour. Ladies and gentlemen. This standing ovation for me is really unexpected and humbling. I am honored. But I’m here today to pay tribute to a great writer. Jules Verne. With a song that I wrote just for him. Oh, he was Jules Verne you know his name science fiction’s how he made his fame Dear? Don’t you think it would be wise to maybe save your voice? Oh, good idea, sweetie. Look! We’re here. It’s a giant octopus. Mr. president. What is happening? Uh, so it appears the animatronic part of our presentation is already under way, and quite realistic! Keep it moving. Keep it moving. This is not a drill. The target is armed and dangerous. Eight arms! Mission control. This is squadron leader. We’re at Mach . Over Paris airspace in t Games minute. Oh! There it is! Aah! That is one angry octopus! It’s destroying all the billboards with captain Nemo on them! Let’s change to our diving suits.