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You guys hear that? It’s an engine. Someone’s coming for us. CHRISTINA: It’s Edgar! Go, go! FOUR: Go! [A PANTING] A right. Go, go! Cut back! Go! [GROANS] Ho is! No! Ho is! CA EB: What? Whoa! What? What is it? Don’t be afraid. There’s nothing to worry about. You’re safe now. We come, Four. Tris Prior, it’s an honor to meet you. How do you know our names? [GRUNTS] What the Radio Uh-oh. ROMIT: We come to the future. We’ve been waiting for you. Our p asma g obes wi protect you from the toxicity. Hey Radio We’re gonna be okay. Yeah. ook. CA EB: This is incredib e. CHRISTINA: This is insane! PETER: Gadzooks! MAN: It’s Tris! We come to the Bureau of Genetic We fare. My name is Matthew. Now, et’s get you into decontamination. WOMAN: It’s them from Chicago. It’s her. Tris Prior. She made it. MATTHEW: There’s nothing to worry about. You’re being decontaminat from the toxins which p ague our wor d. P ease remove your c othes and p ace them in the incineration hatch. P ease step forward. P ace your feet on the mark. [GASPING] [PANTING] You’re c ean. P ease p ace your arm into the tube in the wa. There’s nothing to worry about, Tris. P ease p ace your arm into the tube. [BEEPS] [GASPS] I’ve never fe t so c ean in my ife. That was the best weird shower I’ve ever had. itt e co d Radio Hey, yours is different. Why are they a different? DAVID: He o and we come to the Bureau of Genetic We fare. In the ear y part of the st century, scientists first discover a way to map, then edit, the human genome. MAN ON TV: Or you can choose hea th. You can choose to sett e for mere y adequate. Or you can choose exce ent. A genetic so ution puts you in contro of your ife. So why just hope for a better future when you can choose perfection? Choose Perfexia. DAVID: But what start as an attempt to erase humanity’s fau ts a most eras humanity itse f. Genetic modification deepen the rifts between peop e, and as they got more entrenched, the wor d began to tear apart, unti humanity cross a ine from which it cou d never return. In the ashes of civi ization,