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Listen, from today you will wear different. At European. Suit, leather briefcase game As an entrepreneur. Take a magazine there on the stack and put under his arm. And throw away the jeans and these shoes. And you remain calm and understated as always taught. And especially if you drink do not leave home. I never drink. Just because once? One time game I have not finished! Avoid the subway stations. As large, como Châtelet Nation. After hours, take the bus. And, above all, no deception on the subway. Many are deported because of a subway pass. Hello, I am looking for Gracieuse. No, I do not know who it is. Not here? Do Not. Thank U. Hello, looking for a person named Gracieuse. I do not know. So it’s not here. Samba? What happened? It’s okay, Mom. I was a little sick, that’s all. I could not work, but have improved. Nothing laziness. And his cook certificate? It’s going really well. Soon I get. If you’re not working, it’s your fault. I’ll send some money, I promise. Calm down, all is well. Right? Quick, because the grocer is already looking crooked. Settle. I’ll have real quick. Say “hi” to everyone and I’m fine. Thanks, Mom. Thank you very much. Esper. Sounds! Sr. Bent steam. He speaks very fast, I can not write everything. The Islamists performed two of his friends. He fled overnight. Came to Algeria and was a camp of species. Tell him to start, but slowly. Okay, Mr. Bentata slowly. What did he say? Basically, he agrees. Overall, he agrees. Overall, he agrees. The situation in the camp was disastrous. The toilets were terrible. No hot water, no cold water. I also have problems with the hot water, is unbearable. Can apologize, just a minute? Sorry, Madeleine. You can come with me? Excuse Me. Do you know Tunisia? Very little, I went once to Djerba. But I do not know anything, I’m lost, can you help me? It’s that gentleman, very nice. Sr. Bento. I hardly left the hotel. That’s great. It is better than nothing. At least already have an idea of?? how it is there. But I’m busy. I trade with you. Thank you. Hello. All right?