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the study? Don’t worry. It’s ok Why don’t we call the police? The police will do nothing They’ll ask for proof. They believe I’m the criminal I came this far in life on my own steam I’ll handle it myself Play rough like a street hoodlum I’ll rip him apart. Send him back to where he belongs Gaurav Chandna has seen my star face Now he’ll see my real face I’m a Delhi man too The dangerous and evil face on the news is not me That person is not me. Give me time I’ll prove I’ve done nothing wrong I’d never do anything to make you ashamed calling me your star Aryan Khanna’s press conference proves that he is innocent A criminal is impersonating him and committing crimes Who is the culprit? His name? His whereabouts? No one knows the motives behind his terrible actions The police have informed us that they’re very hopeful Radios Radiosthis criminal will not escape them When he’s arrested, he’ll be severely punished Hello, Gauru Mummy What’s wrong with your phone? Where are you, Gauru? Right here I’m k And you? Son, come home soon. We’re in trouble You’ve roamed the world, now return to your home Aryan? You barged into my home? You can barge into mine, can’t I do the same? I came here to grab your parents by the throat To ask why they produced a nasty son like you But I am not a lowlife like you Don’t drag my parents into this They did nothing What did my kids do? I went alone into your fortress. Did you bring an army? I am here alone, Gaurav Chandna No security, no secretary. No star, no hero If you have the guts, face me Settle the score The score will only be settled when you apologise Get on the stage at the lnder Vihar contest and say sorry And listen Radios If you touch my parents with a feather even Radios I know your mother-in-law’s house, where your children are hiding Your daughter is very cute, by God Your son is stubborn like you You rascal I’ll bury you in a gutter here, if you dream of harming my kids What will my parents think? Such a big star Radios Radioswith such a foul tongue Forget it See you at