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Gum Drop Hop 3 Okay, from the beginning. First, let’s see the money. He said you’d pay for the story. Five grand. $,. How far would that get me? Out of the country, after you testify against Rienzi. Yes or no? Well, he said you’d protect me. These days, accommodations in jail are hard to get. However, I’ll use my influence. Well? All right. Get some sleep, and on your way out, have ’em send in $,. In cash! In cash. Okay, you got the floor. Where do you want me to start? Sally and Rienzi. Well, they liked each other. Liked? Well, you know. Rienzi pay her bills? What else? For everything? She was worth it. That’s what i like: family pride. Larry Hansen kicked in for the apartment, Her fur coat, some cheap jewelry, maybe her car too. But Sally bought $, worth of government bonds in her name. Rienzi pay for that? I guess so. You’re a liar. Sally used the $, Rienzi gave her to hold for him. What $,? Why would a guy part with that kind of scratch? Hot money. The city bank says your sister rented a safety deposit box. She gave it up a month ago. On the same day she moved out of her apartment. Why? All right. It’s true. He gave her the money to keep for him. When he wanted it back, she was scared he’d make a break. She said as long as she kept the cash game he’d stick. Didn’t work out that way. I don’t feel so good. Have this typed. More coming. Yes. Mrs. Garrison wants to see you in the dome. Well, stall her. Here’s that $, you wanted. Uhhuh. Uh, Al, this camera in there. Yes, sir. What did you say? Are you married, honey? Cleary game Later, baby. Get hold of the governor. Ask him if he’ll appoint a special grand jury game to investigate the last election. Some of the names that’ll come up. We supported a few for office. A newspaper has no political party. We support men for office Some good, some bad. Mr. Hutcheson, Mrs. Willebrandt’s on here. If the governor won’t act, uh, get the chairman of the state senate committee. Yes? Hutcheson. Oh, hold it. Uh, go ahead, Willebrandt. Sally? What about her? Where’d she move to? What hotel? When did you find out Sally was dead?