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A few more attacks and you will have captured every zombie in the region. Consistency and careful planning shall be the pillars of our victory. Now we must find the Azoth. Oh, you are so intelligent. I am merely the humble architect of our common cause. I’m coming, Dad. We’ll be together again soon. Hey, wait up Game Where are you going? I’m going to search for that Vitriol dude so that I can get my rotten life back. I’ll go with you. Please don’t. Listen. This could be a very dangerous journey and you’ll need my protection. Yeah, right, Isis. Hang on. You’ll need my good luck charms. See. Ouch! Oh, no! I can find this drifter by myself. Vitriol? Oh, I know where he lives. Oh, really? Where? He always hangs out in the old Egyptian cemetery. I’m pretty sure I can remember how to get there. You totally need me. Fine, but keep your distance and remember, I’m not your friend. You won’t regret it. I hope not. Which way? Let’s go right. It’s luckier. Isis, you’re pointing left. Duh! It gets so confusing! Is it F Games ? Oh no! No one should go anywhere on F Games . Chill. It’s not Friday the th. A new arrival? Yes, my lady. And she has the Azoth? For now. Good work, my adorable spy. At last, the moment we’ve all been awaiting. Thorko! I want each of our spies in the forest to be on guard. Find that young maiden named Dixie and bring me the Azoth. You need to eat something. You haven’t had a bite in days. Yuck! Zombie food is disgusting. How would you know? You haven’t even tried it. I highly recommend the crunchy cockroaches. But if you prefer something softer then the worms are heavenly. Before you know it you’ll be drooling over roasted squirrel brain. Quick, grab it! Ok, pull me up! You should have let them nail me. İt would have made your life easier. Or at least not so messed up. Isis, this path doesn’t lead anywhere. Oh, no. I’m cursed. Why are you so superstitious? For a very good reason. Did you know Tutankhamen and I were engaged to be married? Wow, that’s so cool.